What is the blind side of humanity?

Hey there!

How many of you are truly happy?

How many of you are truly satisfied with your life?

How many of you truly believe they are living the life they’ve always wanted?

The answer is: Almost NO ONE.

There are a few exceptions but most of the people feel like there is something missing in their lives.

But why do so MANY people feel unhappy and unsatisfied?

Social Media is to blame.

Just to make this clear, social media has connected so many people around the world and has opened our eyes in a lot of ways and maybe even made us more open as human beings. So social media has a lot of positive sides. But it also has very BIG negative sides to it. Everyone who is on e.g. Instagram sees the life of celebritiy or other famous/rich people. They’re life is glamorous, fun, with a lot of money and etc. They post photos of their perfect life. But what not a lot of people seem to know is that a lot (almost all of it) is FAKE. They tend to point out that the only way to be happy is to be rich, famous, go partying, having 1000 friends, 1000 girls…

But they are setting a very wrong and unrealistic picture of life. People must wake up and understand that a lot of that is not real. That true happiness doesn’t come from materialistic things but from human connection. Many of the celebrities aren’t happy. They just post pictures if them being happy and seem to be living their life because it’s their job to ENTERTAIN PEOPE. Thats what they get paid for. They are ENTERTAINERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA PLATTFORMS. Just because a clown needs to act all fun in a circus doesn’t mean he is like that in real life. Of course he isn’t! And thats the same with celebrities and stars and influencers. They are the clown in a huge circus with billions of people watching.

So don’t get blinded by those who stand in the spotlight. We don’t know how they are outside of the spotlight.

Be happy with what you have! Be grateful for the people you have. And don’t compare hour life to others. There will always be someone who will have it better.

So wake up and start being happy.

Don’t get blindsided by humanity!